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Here I've compiled a list of local artists, their websites, and their studios, all of which I highly recommend you visit and support. All addresses are located in Bloomington, IL unless otherwise indicated.


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Studio Location

101 W Monroe

313 N Main

101 W Monroe


411 N Center

311 N Main

200 W Monroe

1305 Morrissey

101 W Monroe

1305 Morrissey

101 W Monroe

313 N Main

404 N Main

601 N East

6 Ames Plaza West

104 W Monroe

214 W Jefferson

11 Uptown Circle, Normal IL

Joann Goetzinger Studio and Gallery

313 N Main St. Suite A, Bloomington, IL 61701

Regular hours closed since Mar 16, 2020 - will post when reopening.

Thursday-Friday:                                                1-4 pm

First Fridays of the Month:               Open until 8 pm

Saturdays:                                                    9 am-4 pm

and by appointment

joanngoetzinger@gmail.com 309.826.1193

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