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In the visual arts, most artists seek their own modes of expression and their own directions in order to develop a personal style. In the arts, there are generally many differences between visual art, literature, theatre, music, and dance. These differences give each area of the arts its own character, strength, and appeal. 


However, there are many similarities existing in the arts. Rather than being involved with the differences among the arts, I am intrigued and inspired by the similarities, and work to incorporate them into my work.


As well as synthesizing elements common to music and visual art in particular, those same elements (line, color shape, movement, and texture) are found in literature, theatre and dance, and other performance arts. This offers me a technical and expressive basis for my work. In addition, I am working to synthesize visual art elements as well. My work contains combined aspects of drawing, painting, and sculpture to arrive at the resulting body of work.


At this time I use wood, acrylic paint, and occasionally metal and oil paint as my media, largely for painted wall-mounted pieces. The final pieces are developed throughout the process of making the work, much like the approach to improvisation or jazz. One idea leads to another idea. The initial drawing on paper, the drawing on the wood, the cutting out and painting - each step offers new opportunities for changes and additions in the color, shape and linear refinements which become part of the final creative pieces.

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