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I grew up in central Illinois where I have lived for most of my life. I graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University and then attended the American Conservatory of Music where I received a master’s degree in vocal performance. I taught voice for many years and sang for 2 seasons with the Norman Luboff Choir. I became interested in art after taking a few courses for fun. Music had offered me a way to re-create, but in art, I created, and this was a significant factor in my decision to spend more time in the visual arts. I enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts degree program at Illinois State University and in 1988 received an MFA in Art Studio. 


I have worked in metalwork and sculpture since the 1980s, but more recently turned to painting. The choice of this medium conveys my interest in color, light and organic-based forms. My work is characterized by the use of visual elements derived from natural subjects. These elements are combined through the imaginative use of color, shape, and form.   The use of linear elements also relate highly to music, melody and compositional techniques in music.  I express my work mostly by means of shaped paintings and wall pieces that combine selected characteristics of painting, sculptural and musical influences.


My work has been exhibited nationally at such places as: 

  • Greater Lafayette Museum of Art in Lafayette, Indiana

  • William Engle Gallery in Indianapolis

  • Erector Square Gallery in New Haven, CT

  • Union Art Gallery at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI

  • Downey Museum of Art in Downey, California

  • Salem Academy/College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Missouri.


and selected one-person shows at:

  • RidgeArt in Oak Park, IL

  • Heartland Community College,  Normal, IL

  • Richland Community College, Decatur, IL

  • Eureka College Gallery in Eureka IL

  • Contemporary Art Center in Peoria, IL


I have shown many works in competitions since 1983.


For more information about my work or to visit the studio, please contact me.

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