Autumn Art Walk

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Downtown Bloomington Illinois will host the Autumn Art Walk on November 4 from 4-9 pm.  100 plus artists showing at galleries and studios on Center, Monroe, Main and Grove Streets. Interesting varieties and styles of art are for sale and many artists will be available to meet the public.  Other businesses and restaurants will be open as well.

Around the Corner Artist Group – 16th annual art walk

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Friday November 4 from 4-9 pm.

at 411 N Center, 101 W Monroe and 313 N Main Streets.  The artists are Angel Ambrose, Janean Baird, Herb Eaton, Joann Goetzinger, Darin Dawdy, and Jeff Little.

this is the 16th art walk for this group.

Other downtown artists and galleries are also open during this evening.  Over a hundred artists showing.    Some may be open only from 5-8.

Upcoming Arts Showcase in Downtown Bloomington, IL

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Friday, May 6, 5-8 pm and Saturday, May 7, from 9 am until 2 pm, studios and galleries as well as various other locations in downtown Bloomington will be open to show the work of local artists for sale.  There will be music events downtown as well.  This is a family friendly event and everyone is welcome.

I will be open at my new location by that time.  I am moving my studio to 313A  N. Main Street and will be all set up by May, so stop by to see me and my work in the new space.

First Friday April 1

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First Friday has rolled around again.  On April 1, Venues downtown are introducing new vendors who will be selling at the Farmer’s Market beginning in May.  This month our studios at 101 W Monroe are hosting Brehm and Sons SugarCreek Farms who will be selling their free range chicken and duck eggs.

Angel Ambrose, Jeff Little and Joann Goetzinger will have new art work on sale.  Our studios will be open to the public and all are welcome.

Upcoming Downtown Art Events

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  • Upcoming First Fridays Events 
  • January 1, 2016
  • New Years Party at Eatons 5-8 pm
  • February 5, 2016
  • Tour de Chocolat
  • March 4, 2016
  • New editions of the art cards.
  • April 1, 2016
  • Circus event
  • May 6, 2016
  • Area Artist Showcase  – artists from the area are invited to show downtown in various venues.
  • June 3, 2016
  • New editions of the art cards.
  • July 1, 2016
  • To be announced
  • August 5, 2016
  • To be announced
  • September 2, 2016
  • New editions of the art cards
  • October 7, 2016
  • To be announced
  • November 4, 2016
  • Autumn Art Walk and Around the Corner Artist’s Walk
  • December 2, 2016
  • Once Upon a Holiday

New works

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In several of my new works I am approaching the piece from a new direction.  Usually my work is begun with a drawing.   The drawing is then refined and used as an idea for a wood piece which is painted with acrylics.   In cutting out my work I have collected many wood pieces which are actually the negative shapes left after the planned pieces have been cut out.  Some of these left over pieces of wood are very interesting and with a little editing become a new shape which I am now using as a new piece.  In several works, I am combining a couple pieces of wood into a composite piece.   These new works are approached not from a drawing, but from both the chance formation and some alterations of the scrap piece.

This is the first one called “Reaching.”


Another is called “Runner”.  Both are acrylic on wood shapes.



Philosophical Thinking about my work

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In a time when many artists seem to be involved in the negative side of life, I tend to think more about the positive side.  I think in order to progress, one needs to think about the striving that humanity can exert in all endeavors in which we are involved.  This is the attitude which gives the human condition hope and a belief that we can go on in time and to progress with better ways of living and relating to each other.  Meeting life with an upward striving can bring about more individual successes and an improvement of social relationships.  It is not easy to be positive because so much of today’s society is involved in negativity.  So much of the treatment of others is done on a base level with no regard for the feelings of the receiver and no consideration of the purpose of bringing about a better society.  Dwelling on negativity with no attempt to turn things around is counterproductive to us all.  We need to rethink this direction or we are all heading toward something we cannot reverse.

In my own work, especially my new series, I may be working to find the possibilities within something that was left over, otherwise ignored as a scrap.  Recycling, making something of a castoff object, finding beauty in the initially rejected object comes to mind.

My Art – Discussion

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Approach to my art

In the visual arts, most artists seek their own modes of expression and their own directions in order to develop a personal style.   In the arts in general there are many differences among visual art, literature, theatre, music and dance. These differences give each area of the arts its own character, strength and appeal.

However, there are many similarities existing among the arts.   Rather than being involved with the differences among the arts, I am intrigued with the similarities and work to incorporate them into my work.

As well as synthesizing elements common to especially music and visual art, also those same elements found in literature, theatre and dance and other performance arts offer me ideas. I am working to synthesize visual art elements as well.  My work contains aspects of drawing, painting and sculpture combined to arrive at the resulting body of work.

At this time I use wood, acrylic paint and occasionally metal as my media largely for wall mounted painted sculptural drawings.  The final pieces are developed throughout the process of making the work, very like the approach to improvisation or jazz. One idea leads to another idea. The initial drawing on paper, the drawing on the wood, the cutting out and painting – each step offers new opportunities for color, shape and linear refinement that become part of the final piece.

Synthesis of Elements common to the arts

Selected artistic elements offer me a means of exploration into both the common visual and non-visual aspects of the arts which then form a theoretical basis for the development of my work. This gives me almost endless possibilities.  Selected elements common to visual arts, writing, dance, music, theatre and other performance arts are:

Line – Melody in music, linear structure in writing, continuity in theatre and performance.  Linear structure creates the continuity, shapes and movement in most of my work. This results in organic visual elements.

Rhythm – repetition of lines and shapes. Rhythm and nature of movement in dance, theatre, music, spoken word and visual arts.

Texture – In the various arts texture can refer to more than one thing happening at a time. This could be actual visual texture in the visual arts.

Form and space – positive and negative space – rests and notes in music, pausing and timing in literature, theatre and dance, placement on stage

Shape – what hangs together to make a whole can be present in all of the arts

Relationship of exterior and interior shapes and forms relate to music compositional techniques and writing of all kinds as well as visual arts.

Expression, meaning and interpretation – present in all of the arts- not a primary consideration in my initial planning but come about as a result of the process.

Color or contrast, dissonance or conflict and resolution – present in all of the arts.

First Friday in downtown Bloomington IL

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On the first Friday of each month in downtown Bloomington Il most galleries, studios, restaurants and other businesses are open from 5-8 pm.  For some special events the hours are 4-9 pm.  The artists invite the public to see and buy new work and to see their working environments.  This is an opportunity to meet the artists and to engage them in conversations about their work.  There are many artists in Bloomington and their varied approaches to art prove to be very interesting and thought provoking.

Special art events on First Fridays include:  In March, June and September new editions of art cards are available for sale.  These are small works which are sold by artists at low prices usually from 5$-$15.   In May, the Area Artist Showcase is held on First Friday and the following Saturday.  This is an chance for other community artists to join those downtown to show their work.  On November First Friday, the Autumn Art Walk is held from 4-9 pm.  This is an opportunity for the public to see and buy new work by downtown artists.